Fire tears through Kendwa Rocks

Kendwa Rocks went up in flames this morning. Photo contributed:  Danish Unia

Kendwa Rocks went up in flames this morning. Photo contributed: Danish Unia

A fire tore through Kendwa Rocks at around 10:00 Saturday morning, destroying parts of the popular Zanzibar resort.

“It was big fire but fortunately they were able to manage the situation,” says Griffin Raymond of Gold Zanzibar Beach House, which is situated next to Kendwa Rocks.

“Some staff and local people came to help and we used the sea water to fight the fire,” says Raymond.

Kendwa Rocks’ restaurant, bar and hall were destroyed in the blaze, as well as several villas at a neighbouring property.

It took about two hours to tame the fire, which is believed to have started in the kitchen, Raymond says, noting that the fire department arrived after the fire was mostly out.

There was no immediate report of any injuries.

We could not reach Kendwa Rocks for comment.

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  1. i would just like to add my opion on the fire rescue team that they should be tryng to reach the incident spot on time…for example the fire unit in nungwi is less than 10 miles away from the resort which obvisiously could take a blink of a second to reach the spot. The other thing is try to do your best to consider civilians as part of your group for instance gold has been saved by good samalitan who are civilians.

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