One night stand for 50 Shades

Kenya puts the blindfold on viewers as 50 Shades of Grey banned. Photo: Facebook

After Friday’s showings, Tanzania has put the blindfold on viewers by banning 50 Shades of Grey. Photo: Facebook

After one day in cinemas Tanzania has pulled the plug on 50 Shades of Grey.

When reached by phone for ticket inquiries, a Century Cinemax employee says, “We’re not showing it anymore, it’s been cancelled.”

“It was banned Friday night,” says a source who declined to be named, confirming the Tanzania Film Censorship Board’s decided to ban the much-hyped romantic erotica drama.

It is possible for interested parties to appeal the Film Censorship Board’s decisions.

Most references to the film have already been removed from Century Cinemax’s Facebook page.

Kenya also put the blindfold on the film earlier this week.

The film, which is R-rated (16 and above) “should not be screened or distributed to the public,” the Kenya Film and Classification Board wrote on their Facebook page.

The ban hasn’t gone over well on social media, with many chiding the board for being stuck in the last century.

“Dear Kenya Film and Classification Board, you have failed in the digital class,” one person wrote.

“It is a new day, technology has changed and your ‘ban’ sounds like the board has not been in the 21st century. How will the board enforce the ban when individuals watch it inside their homes or residences?”

“Just ban the internet,” writes another.

The R-16 rating is the same as other films recently shown in theatres: American Sniper, Fury and The Wedding Ringer.

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6 Comments on "One night stand for 50 Shades"

  1. Stupid. What with corruption and all the mess you suddenly get righteous about some chic flick? If people want to watch it they will. you banned wolf of wall street n it is all over, on every other laptop and phone.

    • Insulted woman | February 18, 2015 at 03:22 |

      Shades of Grey is no chick flick! Do your research. It is an outrageous disgusting film promoting sexual violence and assault on women! Men and women should be protesting and boycotting this filth!

  2. Way to go Tanzania! show the West that they have something to learn from you.

  3. Way to go Kenya and Tanzania! Maybe others will buy and view it in their homes but at least it isn’t on your conscience for promoting it! Sure wish the U.S. would have done the same!

  4. way to go it’s just trash anyway your missing nothing from this

  5. 50 shades of grey is teaching men that we can abuse woman and then they will love us for it. and maybe if lady sticks with an abusive guy for long enough he can change him and there can be a happily ever after. all a man needs is money, good looks and a good sex drive and he can do what ever he wants. and escuse me for saying so but if thats not the most disturbing lie ever told to man i don’t know what is. forgoing the moral implications of rape, and straight out abuse that any real male would be questionable if he would not face jail time for. but its also Porn. which our culture has become more and more comfortable with sharing. I am for one am a fighter. a fighter of this disease that is taking over our world. #pornkillslove

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