Petrol stations close citing shortage

Petrol stations may have new lower rates posted, but they're not selling any fuel. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

Petrol stations, like this one on Barack Obama Drive, may have new lower rates posted but they’re not selling any fuel. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

Fuel prices may have dropped in Dar, but some petrol stations say they have nothing left to sell.

Other than saying more diesel and petrol were “coming soon” gas station attendants declined to elaborate today, February 6.

The Energy and Water Regulatory Authority (Ewura) however, says so far as they are concerned, plenty of fuel is available and the problem may lie with individual stations or suppliers.

In reaction to global market rates, fuel prices were lowered 9.6 percent by Ewura earlier this week.

Petrol prices for Dar es Salaam dropped by 187 Shillings per litre to 1768 Shillings per litre, diesel by 139 Shillings per litre to 1708 Shillings per litre and kerosene by 177 Shillings to a price of 1657 Shillings per litre.

Global market prices have taken several months to trickle down to local pumps, as Tanzania’s refined fuel is ordered monthly, explains Ewura Director Felix Ngamlagosi.

“The drop in the retail and wholesale local prices has been caused by a continued trend of falling world oil market prices.”

Fuel at the pumps is now based on December 2014 rates, and would have been even cheaper — had the Shilling not weakened 6 percent.


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