Brace yourself: rainy season is here

Dar is expected to receive 'normal to below normal' amounts of rain this rainy season. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

Dar is expected to receive ‘normal to below normal’ amounts of rain this rainy season. But lower than average rains elsewhere may cause water and power shortages across the country. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

If you’ve got any preparations to make before rainy season hits you’re running out of time.

The Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA) says heavy rains of over 50mm in 24 hours are expected from today, March 20, through to Sunday, March 22.

This year’s long rainy season is expected to be similar to last year and bouts of torrential rain are predicted to wreak havoc on infrastructure.

Lower than average rains inland may also lead to power and water shortages across the country.

“Most of the dams are located over the areas where below normal rains are expected… current water in the dams has to be used sparingly” says TMA director general Agnes Kijazi.

“Deficit of of hydroelectric power is expected due to shortage of water in the dams,” says Kijazi.

Kijazi says the rains are expected to be ‘normal to below normal’ for the north coast including Dar es Salaam.

“Even in below normal rainfall areas, short periods of heavy rains are also expected,” says Kijazi, warning of floods that may cause destruction and loss of life and property.

While farmers in the north-west and south are expecting plenty of rain, below average rains are expected in central Tanzania.

“Wildlife-human conflicts due to wildlife migration and agricultural activities are likely to be higher… for a large part of the country where below normal rains are expected, shortage of pastures for wild animals is likely to occur.”

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