Popular MP kicked out of party

Popular opposition MP Zitto Kabwe has been kicked out of his party. Photo: Facebook

Popular opposition MP Zitto Kabwe has been kicked out of his party, but Kabwe says he has yet to be notified. Photo: Facebook

The main opposition party has announced they have kicked out Member of Parliament Zitto Kabwe; however Kabwe says he’s not been notified and will continue with his duties until told otherwise.

Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (Chadema) lawyer Tundu Lissu announced the decision today, citing the party constitution which says members who take their own party to court will be relieved of membership if they lose the case.

“Therefore, I officially announce that Zitto Kabwe is no longer a member of Chadema,” says Lissu.

Kabwe, who is MP for Kigoma North, had taken Chadema to court over membership issues last year.

But Kabwe says his court case wasn’t supposed to be heard until Thursday and says he has not been officially been notified of the decision by Chadema.

“According to our records, we were supposed to go to the court on March 12 — and not for the verdict but just for hearing,” says Kabwe, speaking to local journalist Millard Ayo. 

“We are very surprised that the verdict has been issued today and on very same day Chadema announced the decision to relieve my membership.”

Kabwe, who was at a meeting with the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (Ewura) when he heard the news, says he will continue with his duties as normal until officially notified.

Kabwe, says his lawyers are working on the matter and he will issue a statement at a later date.

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