Police confirm terror suspects arrested

Ten terror suspects have been arrested in Kilombero region. Photo: Google Maps

Ten terror suspects have been arrested in Kilombero region (in red.) Photo: Google Maps

Police have arrested 10 suspected Al Shabaab members 350 kilometres west of Dar es Salaam.

The arrests were made in a raid on a mosque in Kilombero district on Tuesday.

“The suspects arrested at a mosque were found in possession of 30 sticks of explosives, detonating cord, a black flag, military uniforms, masks and swords,” says Morogoro regional police chief Leonard Paul Lwabuzala.

One suspect was lynched by a mob as he fled police during the raid, says Lwabuzala.

While not confirmed police, ITV is reporting that one police officer was injured in the raid.

In February, a police post in Kilombero district was raided and weapons stolen, though police captured three suspects and recovered most of the stolen goods.

Security in Dar es Salaam has been heightened in the aftermath of Al Shabaab’s attack on a university in Kenya earlier this month, which killed 148 people.

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