Swedes no longer feared kidnapped

Three Swedes have been reported missing in Tanzania: police are treating the case as a kidnapping. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

Three Swedes reported to be missing in Tanzania are not believed to have been kidnapped after all, says the Swedish Foreign Ministry.  Photo: Daniel Hayduk

Swedish authorities say they’ve investigated the case of three Swedes thought to be missing in Tanzania and have not found any information to support earlier fears of kidnapping.

“The Foreign Ministry has no information indicating that any Swedish citizens have disappeared in Tanzania,” says Anna Buhre Kervefors of the Swedish Foreign Ministry.

Last week, Swedish media reported that three Swedes were missing in Tanzania and that the case was being treated as a kidnapping.

At the time, the Swedish State Department and police force said they were working on the matter and ‘trying trying to gather as much information as possible.’

The Swedish Ambassador to Tanzania, Lennarth Hjelmaker as well as Foreign Ministry were briefed on the case.

No more information about the trio, where they came from or what they were doing in Tanzania has been released.

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