Goat race provides baaadly needed support

This year’s goat races continue to bring baaaadly needed support to local charities.

“We’re a very small grassroots NGO and the goat races are vital to the capacity building of our project,” says Mary Notman of Kidzcare, which runs education programs for children in remote areas.

The donations raised will help build two more classrooms for students at a school in Kyela Ngonga, a village in southern Tanzania.

Education was not a priority in this remote area, says Notman, who says that with their school, absenteeism is dropping and societal interest in education is growing — especially for girls.

After years of work, two thirds of students going into secondary school in Kyela Ngonga are girls, says Notman.

This year, the 15th year for the goat races in Tanzania, seven charities are being supported.

The goat races were first introduced to Tanzania in 2001 and since then have raised over 1 billion TSH (nearly $500,000 USD) for various charities.

“It’s something that has brought the community together,” says event chair Karen Stanley.

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