Opposition members nabbed for cyber-bullying

Cyber bullying illustration. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

Cyber-bullying is deliberately and repeatedly harassing or intimidating others using social networks, including sending SMS messages. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

Two members of the Civic United Front (CUF) have been arrested for cyber-bullying the President and Second Vice-President of Zanzibar.

Deputy Director of Criminal Investigations Salum Msangi says the two suspects, who were arrested last week, will be charged with uttering threats.

“Police are not fair … they only exercised their democratic rights to warn top leaders of possible chaos in the islands should the coming general elections be rigged,” says CUF Director of Planning and Elections Omar Ali Shehe.

Shehe says the SMS’ did not contain any abusive content.

“The men used mobile phones to send messages to remind leaders that they have the responsibility to make sure that the islands are peaceful.”

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