Bongoyo, Mbudya back in business

Bongoyo beach after the cleanup. Photo contributed: Nipe Fagio

Bongoyo beach after the cleanup. Photo contributed: Nipe Fagio

Just how much trash washed up on Bongoyo and Mbudya islands over the rainy season?

Over 2,100 kilograms of inorganic waste was removed from the DSM Marine Reserve in two weekends, says community group Nipe Fagio.

That’s nearly 220 large bags of trash.

“Following the heavy rains, unprecedented amounts of waste washed out to sea, much of it collecting on island beaches,” says Nipe Fagio in a press release.

“As these islands have no access to formal waste collection, we realized there was some urgency in mobilizing Nipe Fagio to assist the Marine Park Reserve Unit (MPRU) in the clean up.”

Staff on the islands sorted plastic and glass bottles from sharps and other waste.

“They had planned on burning the remaining inorganic and organic waste but were happy to receive assistance in removing it off the islands.”

Volunteers from Nipe Fagio Youth Ambassadors and the Dar Yacht Club were involved in assisting MPRU staff with the cleanup.


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