Trashy Dar needs our help

Trash in Dar es Salaam. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

It’s World Environment Day — what can we do to help trash-filled Dar?  Photo: Daniel Hayduk

Being the 12th dirtiest city is no badge of honor and Dar es Salaam needs everyone’s help to change, says public advocacy group Nipe Fagio.

“Dar has grown from 1.5 million people in 1994 to 5 million today. The city can’t cope with the rapid urbanization, the government can’t cope,” says Nipe Fagio director Tania Hamilton.

Only about 40 percent of Dar’s trash makes it to the landfill: the rest ends up in the forests and rivers and eventually washes into the ocean.

Eighty percent of trash in the ocean comes from a land-based source, says a document released by Nipe Fagio for World Environment Day on June 5.

What we can do to help: make sure our trash gets to the dump, say no to disposable plastic products, clean up & reclaim public spaces

Dar produces about 4,200 tonnes of trash each day.

UN Habitat ranks Dar as ‘well below average’ in sanitation and waste compared to other African cities.

Last month, the government set aside cash to set up a modern recycling and garbage facility as well as improving waste management infrastructure.

The bottom line? It’s up to us to reclaim public spaces and take part in cleanups to make Dar a safer, cleaner city.

“Dar needs our help,” says Hamilton.

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  1. every day is environment day,just be eco friendly and go green

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