Corruption control frees up financial aid

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - 2014-12-12 USD and TZS in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, on December 12, 2014. Photo by Daniel Hayduk

Tanzania has passed a key corruption index which was delaying a $472 million USD compact by the MCC.  Daniel Hayduk

Tanzania has passed the Worldwide Governance Indicators’ Control of Corruption index and that means over $472 million USD (nearly 1 trillion TSH) in financial aid is one step closer to reality.

Earlier this month, the United States’ Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) stated Tanzania would need to prove it was serious about fighting corruption before the MCC board would vote to approve the compact.

“While Tanzania passes the Control of Corruption indicator, MCC will continue to monitor the government of Tanzania’s efforts to combat corruption,” says the MCC in a press release which also underscores the importance of ‘free and fair’ elections.

US Ambassador to Tanzania Mark Childress says he is pleased by the news that the process of finalizing the compact can continue.

“While Tanzania has passed the required indicator, further efforts toward combating corruption are essential for successful implementation of the compact, improving the business climate and ensuring the public’s trust in its government and institutions,” says Childress.

If approved by the MCC board, the $472.8 million USD compact will promote increased access to reliable electricity in Tanzania and the overall strengthening of the energy sector.

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