Gallery: UpCycle fiesta at the beach

Thanks to dozens of volunteers, Msasani beach keeps looking better and better.

And on this sunny Saturday morning at the Anza UpCycle Fiesta, children were playing football on the beach, people were browsing for upcycled crafts and the barbeque was sizzling.

Yes, the same Msasani beach that was known locally as mavi — shit — beach.

The focus of the ‘fun day in the sun’ was on upcycling waste, says event organizer Sarah Scott, who has been instrumental in the clean up of the beachfront.

Upcycle: to reuse discarded objects in a way that creates a product of a higher quality or value than the original.
There’s a lot of trash on this beach that can’t be reused but there are a lot of objects in our lives that can,” says Scott.

Those who missed this event can attend the International Coastal Cleanup at Coco Beach next Saturday (September 19) at 08:00, says Scott.

“I’d really encourage people to get out there and get onto their beaches and get involved.  We’re all responsible for our environment.”

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