Election: Zanzibar nullifies election


A man leaves a polling station in Dar on Sunday. Zanzibar has scrapped the election due to irregularities. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

The Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC) has nullified the election process.

The mainland National Electoral Commission (NEC) says its activities are not impacted by Zanzibar’s decision.

ZEC chairman Jecha Salum Jecha says the process was compromised by youths who invaded polling stations, commissioners who ‘exchanged blows’ and votes that had been tampered with.

Most of Jecha’s comments concerned the island of Pemba, where he says more votes were cast than there are voters.

Meanwhile, opposition coalition Ukawa candidate Edward Lowassa called for the election to be scrapped on the mainland as well.

Speaking to media on Wednesday, Lowassa urged his supporters to remain calm.

CCM campaign spokesperson January Makamba says the news from Zanzibar is a letdown but also says it won’t impact the results being announced on the mainland.

Edited to include new information from NEC  & CCM & to restructure article as information was added.

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