No muss no fuss sauce

tomato-sauce-topNo cooking, no blanching, no peeling, no muss, and no fuss – ready in minutes!

Tomatoes are amazingly flavourful when ripe but can be the end of a dish if they fall short in quality. For this reason, canned tomatoes are often recommended because they have been picked and canned at the time of ripening, which seals in the right mix of sweet and tart flavours needed to give depth to any tomato based recipe.

In Tanzania we are lucky enough to have access to fully ripened tomatoes with the perfect mix of acids and sugars for a large part of the year. That is why this tomato sauce has no need of cans, cooking or extra embellishments.  It stands on the simple perfection of the rich tomatoes harvested in Tanzanian soil.

Servings: 2

No muss, no fuss tomato sauce.

Fresh as can be no muss, no fuss tomato sauce.


10 small ripe in-season tomatoes (5 large tomatoes)
2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
1/2 cup – basil
salt and pepper to taste
3-4 cups pasta, cooked

You will also need a box grater and a large bowl.


1. Place the box grater inside the large bowl.
2. Cut tomatoes in half, place cut side of tomato on the coarse side of the grater and grate. The box grater will naturally peel the tomato. All you will be left with is a thin tomato skin and the grated tomato sauce in the bowl.
3. Fresh tomatoes don’t need much dressing up, all you need to add is the olive oil, salt and pepper. Mix and pour over your favourite cooked pasta, sprinkle with freshly chopped basil and serve immediately.

Storage Tip: For best flavor and texture, don’t store tomatoes in the fridge. Put them in a basket or bowl as a centerpiece. Keep in mind that the temperature and humidity in Dar will cause food to spoil quickly, so tomatoes should be used within a few days of purchase.

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