Gallery: ‘This is a new Tanzania’

“Tanzania has changed, this is a new Tanzania,” says Anyitike Mwakitalima as he picked up trash along Ocean Road early on Independence Day, December 9.

The skyline of Dar was shrouded in the smoke created by people burning yard waste as President John Magufuli, who ordered the Independence Day cleanup, tackled a pile of trash near the State House.

Flanked by dozens of rowdy fishermen — much to the consternation of his security detail — Magufuli picked his way through the nauseating heap unfazed.

Magufuli cancelled Independence celebrations saying it is a shame that Tanzania is still struggling with basic hygiene related diseases like Cholera over 50 years after gaining independence.

“The public opinion is that the president is doing the right thing. A leader is always an inspirer and we expect the people to follow his footsteps, especially those with responsibility and authority,” says political science professor Benson Bana.

“You don’t expect the president to win the battle single-handedly. We talk the talk but we don’t walk the talk. It’s high time we emulate the president’s stance and live this talk and do the right thing,” says Bana.

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