Uncertainty may spook foreign investors

Uncertainty caused by the implementation of Tanzania's new foreign employment regulations may spook investors, the Association of Tanzania Employers fears. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

Uncertainty caused by the implementation of Tanzania’s new non-citizens employment regulation act may spook investors, the Association of Tanzania Employers fears. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

Uncertainty caused by Tanzania’s implementation of the non-citizens employment regulation act may spook foreign investors — and more changes may be on the way.

Tanzania risks being labelled as anti-foreign and could chase away investors, says The Association of Tanzania Employers in an article published by the Citizen.

“At the end of the day, it does not matter where the expertise is coming from as the issue at hand is a committed workforce in general that contributes towards the development of the nation,” the article says, citing a lack of qualified Tanzanian workers in both specialized and non-specialized fields.

Robin Donkersgoed, founder of the Dodoma Deaf School, says the lack of clarity over what visas visiting volunteers now require may jeopardize the future of the school.

“Most of our visitors to the Dodoma Deaf School are sponsors or represent sponsors. Without sponsors the school loses funding for the building, caregivers, guards, water, electricity and capacity building programs. Until things are clear, we will not invest more than previously planned and will not employ more Tanzanians, since we can not guarantee a future at the moment.”

The websites of the Immigration department and several Tanzanian embassies still display the discontinued Carry-on Temporary Assignment (CTA) visa and outdated fee structures. Other queries by Dar Post at Immigration and Labour were also met with conflicting or unclear responses.

The Immigration department is aware of the discrepancies, but Dar es Salaam Regional Immigration Officer John Msumule says it ‘takes time’ to make changes — and more changes may be on the way.

“There is an ongoing disussion to harmonize the fees, so the fees may be reduced,” says Msumule.

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