Upcoming power outages

Birds sit on a TANESCO sign.  Photo: Daniel Hayduk

Power outages are planned in Temeke and Ilala on Friday and Saturday, respectively. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

Utility provider TANESCO has outages planned for Friday January 8 and Saturday January 9.

Outages should be expected in Temeke on Friday as crews replace rotten power poles and perform maintenance.

Affected areas in Temeke will include: Vijibweni, Tungi, Kigamboni, Mjimwema, Bada, Kisarawe II, Somangila. Kimbiji, Toangoma, Tandika, Mvomero St, Temeke Hospital area, among others.

On Saturday, power will be switched off in parts of Ilala to allow for new customer hookup.

Affected areas include: Muheza St, Swahili St, Makamba St, Viwanda St, Majaniya Chai, Gerezani, Kidongo Chekundu, among others.



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