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Tanzania's system for work and residence permits has changed -- here's what we know. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

Tanzania’s system for work and residence permits has changed — and are seemingly always changing — here’s what we know. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

In December 2015, Tanzania revamped it’s work and residence permit process, seemingly without telling it’s embassies or IT guys, leading to all sorts of confusion.

Most noticeably, fees have gone up — however that is already under review and some fees are likely to be harmonized in the future.

Work permits are now handled by the Labour Ministry and residence permits are handled by Immigration. Both permits are required to legally carry out business in Tanzania.

The forms and document requirements have not changed and can be found on their respective websites.

The $250, 3-month single entry Carry-on Temporary Assignment (CTA) visa received on arrival at the airport has been scrapped and replaced with a Business Visa which has the same price and similar restrictions.

According to Dar Post’s inquires at Immigration, persons who receive the 6-month Short Term Permit (STP) from Labour are also required to receive a two year residence permit from Immigration. However, we’ve been told that some people with an STP are receiving 6 month residence permits — and still being told to pay the full two year cost. Good luck.

In some cases, Labour may issue Class A permits valid for 5 or even 10 years, however Immigration will only issue residence permits valid for two years.

Note: ‘classes’ of permits do not necessarily correlate between Labour and Immigration.

Work permit fees

Work permit fees issued by Labour ministry. Current as of January 22, 2016.
ClassSectorAmount in USD
AInvestors and self employed1,000
BNon-citizen in possession of prescribed profession (medical and health professionals, experts in oil and gas, teachers and university lecturers in science and mathematics)500
CNon-citizen in possession of other professions1,000
DNon-citizen employed or engaged in registered religious and charitable activities500
STPShort term permit, valid for 6 months500

Residence permit fees

Residence permit fees as issued by Immigration. Current as of November 4, 2016.
Category/ ClassSectorAmount in USDEAC citizens
AInvestors and self employed3,0501500
BSpecific employment by specific employer2,050500
CResearchers, students, Non-governmental organizations500250

The Ministry of Labour and Employment office is in the Mwalimu Nyerere Pension Tower on Bibi Titi Mohammed Road.

There are Immigration offices at the Ministry of Home Affairs office downtown on the corner of Ghana and Ohio Streets and on Loliondo street in Kurasini.

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