Yellow fever vaccine good for life


Good news: the yellow fever vaccination is now recognized by Tanzania as being good for life. But don’t forget your certificate of vaccination. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

There’s good news for travelers dreading their next yellow fever jab: Tanzania has recognized the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendation that the vaccine is good for life.

“Once you have it, it’s good for life,” says Remidius Kakulu of the Ministry of Health.

The health centre at Julius Nyerere International Airport confirmed they were no longer administering booster shots for travelers with expired yellow fever vaccination certificates.

Kakulu says travelers aged 1 to 59 coming from yellow fever endemic countries still need to carry their valid or expired vaccination certificate to avoid being turned away at the border.

Proof of vaccination is also required for passengers transiting for more than 12 hours through a yellow fever endemic country.

Travelers headed to Zanzibar may still be required to show their vaccination certificate upon arrival, however Dar Post contacted the health office at the Zanzibar Airport and confirmed the ‘good for life’ regulation applies.

Detailed Yellow Fever Requirements for Mainland Tanzania (including country list) via the Ministry of Health.

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