Crowdfunding campaign pays tribute to slain pilot

Roger Gower, who was killed by poachers on Friday. Photo: Tropic Air

Captain Roger Gower was killed by poachers in January. Nearly $90,000 USD has been raised in a crowdfunding tribute to the slain pilot.  Photo: Tropic Air

The family of slain anti-poaching pilot Roger Gower has raised nearly $90,000 USD (195 million TSH) — and counting — in a crowdfunding campaign to help fund anti-poaching efforts in Tanzania.

“Some good should come out of Roger’s death,” says Roger’s brother Max Gower.

Max says he plans to visit Tanzania in the coming months to donate the money to an anti-poaching project.

“I’ve always been proud that he was my brother,” says Max, speaking to Sky News.

“I’m proud of what he did. I’m proud he got his passenger down safely. I’m proud he got himself out of the helicopter and I’m proud that even after he was shot he was still laughing.”

On January 29, Roger Gower and a colleague were hovering over the carcass of an elephant when he was shot by poachers still on the scene of the slaughter in the Maswa Game Reserve, which borders the Serengeti.

Wounded, Gower managed to crash-land the helicopter before succumbing to his injuries.

The alleged gunman, a conservation authority worker and seven other suspects have been arrested.

To date, the crowdfunding campaign has received donations from nearly 1000 people.

The campaign ends on March 1.

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