Upgrades mean power outages in Temeke

Power outages ahead for Temeke. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

Power outages ahead for Temeke as upgrades take place. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

From Thursday to Saturday, February 4 to 6, TANESCO will be working on upgrades in Temeke municipality.

Outages are planned from 08:00 to 18:00 each day.

Affected areas include Charambe, Mianzini, Majimatitu, Nzasa, Chamazi, Mbande, Kisewe and surrounding areas.

The TANESCO Temeke emergency contact numbers are 0758 880 155 and 0732 997 361.

The TANESCO Mbagala emergency contact numbers are 0765 170 322 and 0714 073 588.


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