Aid cash pulled over Zanzibar, cybercrime

Swearing-in ceremony in Zanzibar. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

Zanzibar’s controversial election re-run and the use of the cybercrimes act prompted the US government to suspend it’s financial partnership with Tanzania. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

Zanzibar’s election re-run and the implementation of the cybercrimes act has cost Tanzania $472 million USD (1 trillion TSH) in financial aid from the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC.)

“Tanzania moved forward with a new election in Zanzibar that was neither inclusive nor representative… despite repeated concerns of the US Government and the international community,” says a statement issued by the MCC.

The statement also expressed concerns over the way the controversial cybercrimes act was being used.

Previous warnings over Tanzania’s eligibility by the MCC had been brushed off by then chief secretary Ombeni Sefue.

The funding was going to be used to finance rural electricity projects.

Do you think the MCC was correct in suspending aid to Tanzania over the Zanzibar election re-run and the cybercrime act?

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