Tanzania among least happy countries

How happy is Tanzania compared to it's neighbours? Photo: Daniel Hayduk

How happy is Tanzania compared to it’s neighbours? Photo: Daniel Hayduk

Tanzania is now part of the ‘top ten’ no one wants to be a part of: the unhappiest countries in the world.

Since last year’s report, Tanzania dropped three positions to become the ninth unhappiest country.

But Tanzania is not alone in unhappy East African countries at the bottom of the list: Uganda ranks 12th unhappiest, Rwanda is in 6th position and Burundi claims the title of unhappiest country in the world.

Kenya rose two positions, ranking 36th unhappiest country in the World Happiness Report.

The report says that the most unhappy countries can trace their ranking to six key factors: unequal income distribution, lack of social support structures, an unhealthy life expectancy, a lack of freedom, corruption and how generous the society is.

“The appearance of sub-Saharan African countries among the biggest gainers and the biggest losers reflects the variety and volatility of experiences,” says the report.

The happiest country in the world this year is Denmark.

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