Weather warning issued for the week

Jangwani. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

A rain and strong wind warning is in effect for the remainder of the week. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

A heavy rain and wind warning has been issued for the remainder of the week due to remnants of tropical cyclone Fantala.

“Heavy rains exceeding 50mm in 24 hours are expected. Strong winds exceeding 40km per hour and large waves exceeding two meters are expected,” says the Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA.)

The warning is in effect from Tuesday, April 26, to Friday, April 29.

The regions expected to be affected include Tanga, Dar es salaam, Pwani, Morogoro, Lindi and Mtwara together with Unguja and Pemba Islands but may spread to Kilimanjaro and eastern Manyara.

“Residents of mentioned areas are advised to take appropriate precautions,” says the TMA.

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