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An oil refinery in western Canada. A fuel tariff is has been proposed to help provide power for rural Tanzania. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

There’s a shortage of metrologists in Tanzania. No, not meteorologists. Metrology is the science of measurement, and as Tanzania takes advantage of recent oil and gas discoveries, there’s a demand for trained metrologists. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

As Tanzania moves to take advantage of oil and gas discoveries, the College of Business Education (CBE) has started offering oil and gas metrology courses.

Metrology is the science of measurement.

The College rector professor Emanuel Mjema reiterated during the World Metrology Day (May 20) in Dar es Salaam that the institution has added measurements of oil and gas to their metrolgy course after the discovery of oil and gas to cope with the demand for qualified experts.

“The government decided to conduct the course locally in order to cope with the demand of inspectors of weights and measurements in the country,” says Mjema.

Mjema says that the program intends to feed its graduates into government jobs at the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

According to Mjema, metrology facilitates standardization, quality control and reliability of industrial products which play a major role in innovation and trade.

Prior to the introduction of this course, inspectors of weights and measurements were being trained in the United Kingdom.

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