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I’ve mentioned my encounters with Dar’s utility providers in previous posts — but this time I tried to call one of them on the telephone.

Apparently Tanesco, the power utility provider, thought a full day maintenance would be beneficial and by 09:00 power in our area had been switched off.

Earlier I’d already noticed several trucks outside the Mikocheni Head Office ready to go — full of ladders, poles, wires and other objects.

At least 10 workers climbing in each truck, obviously full of energy for the day ahead.

So when my husband called Tanesco customer services and was promised electricity would be back by 16:00 I knew I had to relax, read a book and postpone the rest of my life.

Call any time

After a 7.5 hour day without power – I cannot help loving it here!

As it was a day of 33 degrees in Dar, ‘feeling like 43’, it was rather hot without the fans and even without moving my clothes were soaked.

But by 16:30 I decided to try calling the customer service line myself to hear the story of why power was not back.

The first three numbers failed, no answer apart from the usual voicemail.

The fourth was answered immediately.

I greeted and was welcomed by the agent in proper English.

When I explained the issue, of having been without power since early morning and wondering when it would return, she said she had to contact the technician to find out.

I added that my husband had been promised power back by 16:00 in an earlier call.

She admitted it was already 16:36 and requested my phone number.

Within 10 minutes she called back and said the work was almost done and all should be well.

Otherwise I was very welcome to call again after half an hour.

When I thanked her for the fast reply she ended the very friendly conversation conveying her greetings to my husband.

Also she welcomed my call anytime again with these words: ‘Welcome Josie,Tanesco light up your life!’

Imagine, after a 7.5 hour day without power – I cannot help loving it here!

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Josie van den Hoek
Josie first visited Dar es Salaam in 2000 and is still here. She writes about encounters on her daily walks and Tanzanian life.