The winner and the loser

To the huge nation’s mood relief, the much anticipated ‘Day of Defiance’ got called off. Phew, I can’t recall when was the last time my anxiety level was such high. Not even during the elections time.

Back in October, never did police hold any exercises in public ahead of rallies, did they?

But now that our adrenaline rush is at a normal rate, perhaps it’s high time we sit back and reflect. 

First of, It was quite astonishing to read some tweets dismissing Chadema as ‘a bunch of cowards!’ Some went even far and suggest that the only true opposition champ in East Africa is Uganda’s Kizza Besigye!

I mean, with all those tensions hovering around some still dared Ukuta to be held?

Ukuta may have been canceled, but If anything, the movement widely exposed the current’s government attitude towards opposition and country’s prospects for democracy at large

Think about this: Over 250 Chadema supporters and leaders arrested, two radio stations shut down and police exercising in public, all of these because of political rallies? How unnecessary

On the other hand, if there is one lesson that Chadema, and the opposition at large, has learnt is that; times have changed.

Gone are the days when the opposition would easily be invited over to the state house and chat their quarrels over a cup of chai with the head of state

This is the new guide, one with no sympathetic ear for any sort of political negotiations and compromises, it appears.

And what does that mean to the opposition? Simple; its time they changed their strategy of doing politics.

Chadema may have told their followers that they’ve ‘just postponed’ the rallies, but its highly unlikely that they’ll ever get to organize those rallies next month as they’ve promised.

Now you ask ‘Who is the winner and who is the loser’? Well you decide.

-M Makotta

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