A church, a mosque and a football team…

Photo: Carlos David Mdemu

Sick and tired of trash: residents of an unplanned settlement north of Dar got together and rid their streets of 250 kilograms of trash. Photo: Carlos David Mdemu

A church, a mosque, a football team and local leaders from an unplanned village north of Dar got together and…

It sounds like beginning of a joke, but community members in Kondo Village and Ras Kilomoni are serious about getting trash out of their neighbourhood.

For years, a dozen community members of the unplanned settlement have taken it upon themselves to clean a portion of waterfront near the Ledger Hotel at Bahari Beach, and say now was the time to expand their initiative and involve more of their community.

They’ve spent the last month taking part in community sensitization program with churches, mosques, schools, sports teams and community groups.

And on Saturday, October 29,  all 100 participants got together and cleaned up 250 kilograms of trash in their village.

“On top of their passion and self-drive, they have so much more potential to be real community champions and take their message further within the community. We were therefore delighted to team up with them to support their efforts to bring sustainable change to the Ras Kilomoni area, and we look forward to seeing further clean up and awareness events in the village,” says Tania Hamilton, from public advocacy group Nipe Fagio.

Nipe Fagio, which means ‘give me the broom’ in Kiswahili, is an urgent call to all residents of Dar to join in sweeping the city clean.

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