New private clinic moves CCBRT toward self-reliance

Construction of a new private clinic is underway at CCBRT. Photo: CCBRT

Construction of a new private clinic is underway at CCBRT. Funds raised by the private clinic allow CCBRT to rely less on donors, but still provide treatment to those who can’t afford it. Photo: CCBRT

Disability hospital CCBRT (Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania) in Msasani has run a private clinic with success since 2005 and are now expanding it to meet ever-increasing demand.

The cash raised by the private clinic allows the hospital to rely less on donor funding while still providing treatment for those who can’t afford it.

“For over 10 years, CCBRT’s private clinic has contributed revenues to the disability hospital, decreasing reliance on donor funding and moving CCBRT towards becoming a self-sustaining entity. Within the last 5 years, patient numbers to the current private clinic have trebled, and health facilities are increasingly referring patients to CCBRT’s private services for quality treatment,” says Pierre Callens, the director of the private clinic at  CCBRT.

“The estimate is that the treatment of every two patients at the new private clinic will fund the treatment of one patient at the disability hospital,” says Callens.

The new private clinic, at the corner of CCBRT road and Uganda Ave in Msasani, will be opening in 2017.

Watch an update by CCBRT CEO Erwin Telemans:

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