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Cyclists need to light up and put a helmet on before rolling out. Photo: Mejah Mbuya

Cyclists just aren’t getting the message when it comes to safety, says Mejah Mbuya of cyclist awareness group UWABA.

“I have seen many people involved in accidents due to poor visibility at night time and I have seen many lives saved because of helmets,” says Mbuya.

While it may not be enforced, having a light on your bicycle and wearing a helmet is the law, say Mbuya.

Earlier this week, UWABA, the Automobile Association of Tanzania and traffic police handed out 100 front and rear lights to bicyclists.

Every year, the group hands out over 700 reflective vests, 700 reflectors and 100 helmets.

But it’s just a drop in the bucket: between a lack of awareness, lack of enforcement and lack of money — there are reportedly only two shops in Dar selling new bicycle helmets —  people just aren’t riding safe.

“It’s is very important … using a helmet and reflective ornament can reduce road accidents substantially.”

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