Lights out in Ilala on Sunday

There will be no power for many users in Ilala on Sunday as Tanesco rehabilitates a substation. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

Utility provider Tanesco says they’ll be cutting power in parts of Ilala from 09:00 to 17:00 on Sunday, December 18.

Tanesco is performing rehabilitation to a substation, says Athanasius Nangali, Tanesco’s regional manger for Ilala.

Affected areas include, but are not limited to: central police, port, Tanesco TTS, TRA head office, TRA long room, Lugoda St, clock tower, Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, Peacock hotel, Mansfield St, Tanesco store, Extelecom, JM Mall, Dawasco Gerezani, India St, Zanaki St, Mosque St, Algeria St, parts of Samora, Tigo Lugoda, Parts of Livingstone and surrounding areas.

For emergency services call emergency desk Ilala region: 022 213 3330, 0784 768 586, 0715 768 586.

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