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You can help Dar Post get a grant from #innovateAFRICA.

Hello readers!

As you know, Dar Post is a new community news platform for the English-speaking population here in Dar.

We hope you are finding our stories easy to understand and informative, often focusing on topics which may not be grabbing the headlines of the daily papers.

As we grow, one of Dar Post’s key mandates is to encourage Tanzanian reporters to become better multimedia journalists, party by mentorship and mostly by example.

We are ready to bring a few journalists and contributors on board (hey freelance writers — get in touch with us at!) to bring you better content and show everyone what Dar es Salaam is all about! 

What kind of content, you ask? More data and interactive material in articles and more multimedia coverage and of the stories you care about.

To help make this a reality, we’ve applied for a grant from #innovateAFRICA — and they want to hear from you!

It’s as simple as using the sharing buttons below to tell us why timely, relevant community news is important to you — just remember to include the tag #innovateAFRICA.

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