Gallery: ‘there is nothing that has made me happier’

Hundreds of residents marched from the Chinese Embassy to Sea Cliff during Saturday’s Walk for Elephants supported by the Chinese Embassy.

China, which has the biggest ivory market in the world, recently announced it would ban ivory trading and processing by the end of 2017.

“There is nothing that has made me happier … than the Chinese decision to ban the ivory trade,” says Elisifa Ngowi, leader of the National and Transnational Serious Crimes Investigation Unit.

“In the four years the unit has been working in the field … we have identified in this country more than 3000 suspects involved in poaching. Among them, we have arrested 1700,” says Ngowi.

“In the next five years, be sure the endangered species will be safe and will start rejuvenating and increasing in numbers.”

Across the continent, there has been a 30 percent decline in elephant population between 2007 and 2014.

“Elephants are the best friends of human beings, to protect elephants is the responsibility of everyone,” says Chinese Ambassador Youqing Lu.

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