Planned power outage on Sunday in Ilala

TANESCO will cut power for maintenance in Ilala on Sunday. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

Utility provider TANESCO will be performing maintenance upgrades in Ilala on Sunday, January 8.

Power outages are expected between 08:00 – 17:00 in the following areas:

City center, Upanga, Kariakoo, Buguruni, Ilala, Mbagala, Chang’ombe, Kurasini, Maweni cement, Ministry of Tourism, Tusiime Mission, Tanzania Oxygen, Temeke municipal office, Unilever, Temeke district office, national stadium, Puma headquarters, Temesa, Jamana printers, Quality Plaza, Notco, Bima ya Afya, Port gate 3 and surrounding area.

TANESCO emergency services in Ilala can be reached at: 022 213 3330, 0784 768 586, 0715 768 586.

TANESCO emergency services in Temeke can be reached at: 0712 052 720, 022 21 38352

TANESCO call center can be reached at 022 21 94400 or 0768 985 100.

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