‘Anything that’s not mine is not worth taking’

“Anything that’s not mine is not worth taking,” says Bajaj driver Jonathan Mzava, who usually parks at Shoppers Masaki. Photo: contributed

For two days, a Bajaj driver and one of his customers searched for the owner of a left-behind laptop.

Jonathan Mzava had already carried at least five customers on Friday, February 24, when his current passengers pointed out a tote bag that contained a laptop in the back of his three-wheeler.

“It wasn’t mine. And anything that’s not mine is not worth taking. I’ve been raised differently. First of all, my parents taught me not to take anything that doesn’t belong to me. But secondly, my religion teaches me to work hard and rightly earn what will belong to me,” says Mzava.

“Its like my phone,” says the father of one.

“I keep a lot of my baby’s memories in my phone like pictures and stuff. And so I thought the same with this laptop.”

On Sunday, February 26, one of Mzava’s regular customers posted about the found item on the Facebook group Team Tanzania and within hours the owner of the laptop was finally located.

Bajaj drivers make between 30,000 TSH ($15) and 50,000 TSH ($25) per day.

Citing their alleged involvement in crime, the popular three-wheelers have been banned from several parts of town by officials.

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  1. Jonathan Park | March 12, 2017 at 20:24 |

    My iPhone was returned to me by a kind taxi driver named Hamisi Bakari Bilaboze. I carelessly dropped the phone in his taxi on the way from IST Masaki to Upanga one morning. Hamisi used a missed call on my phone later that night to contact me, and brought the phone back to me in Upanga the next morning. Hamisi can usually be found by the entrance to the IST Masaki campus, along with other drivers, sitting in the shade.

  2. Great story and great guy. How can I find this drivers contact information?

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