Hacking Dar for good

Lilian Madeje, organizer of the Bits & Bytes Innovation and Technology Convention, hopes the event will be a catalyst for finding technology driven solutions to Dar’s challenges. Photo: contributed

Over 70 percent of Dar’s five million residents live in informal, unplanned settlements which lack adequate infrastructure and services — not to mention Dar has an annual growth rate of eight percent.

Can a hack change all that?

An urban planning challenge hack which runs on March 28 and 29 at the Bits & Bytes Innovation and Technology Convention hopes they can.

They’re collaborating with the city planning office in partnership with Ardhi University to find solutions to city planning, transport, waste management and service provision challenges.

Event organizer Lilian Madeje says she hopes the conference, which runs until March 30, will be a catalyst for finding technology driven solutions for day to day challenges faced by people in Dar.

Madeje says they will focus on developing solutions, connecting people and inspiring youth.

“The Bits & Bytes tech conference is an innovation and technology conference in Tanzania that is organized and run by Tanzanians and for young emerging entrepreneurs, students, visionaries and thought leaders.”

A coding session especially for girls will be run on March 30.

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