Tanzania named third unhappiest country in the world

To the surprise of researchers, Tanzania has been named the third unhappiest country in the world. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

For the second year in a row, Tanzania has been ranked in the ‘top 10’ no country wants to be a part of: the top 10 unhappiest countries in the world.

Tanzania is now the third unhappiest country in the world, says this year’s World Happiness Report which ranked 155 countries.

Despite 8 of the 10 unhappiest countries being in Africa, the report’s authors were surprised Tanzania scored so low.

“Their predicted values, which are based on their performance on the six key variables [of economic strength, social support, life expectancy, freedom of choice, generosity and perceived corruption] are high enough to rank them much higher than they do in the survey.”

Only Burundi and the Central African Republic scored worse than Tanzania.

Elsewhere in the region, Rwanda is the fifth unhappiest country while Uganda was ranked the 23rd and Kenya 44th.

The report urged all African countries to capitalize on it’s youth in order to improve on their ‘happiness deficit.’

“What if Africa looks to its youth to realize the continent’s dreams of prosperity? What if the African youth’s confidence in their future and their entrepreneurial spirit were to be matched by substantial investment in their development? Then, no doubt, African countries would join the ranks of the world’s prosperous and happy nations.”

The happiest country in the world this year is Norway.

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15 Comments on "Tanzania named third unhappiest country in the world"

  1. Tanzania the happiest country never wage wars with any who is happy ? Who destroyed Libya who destroyed Iraq who destroyed Afghanistan killed millions then happy

  2. I think this Survey lacks a number of fundanental elements of a survey therefore We have to ignore the Results.
    1st You can not get a conclusive Data from a simple question like that and online. Not everybody in Tz can get online let alone Answering in English.
    Free Advice. …get a Clipboard and hit the road asking 75% of 50 million Tz people then make a conclusion.

  3. Dhiren Miyanger | March 21, 2017 at 19:38 |

    Because Tanzania does not fit the mould of those that want to pillage and rape it for its resources, it is ‘unhappiest’ who conducts these surveys ? From whose perspective? If no genocide or coup or civil wars or puppet regimes makes you an ‘unhappy’ country so be it.

  4. Who says tanzania is unhappy,is the states happy is saudi arabia happy is any other country happy financial crisis every country has but we can manage ourselves i getting involved in a war bieng happy then we do not want to get in volved in “happiness” if getting a president who kills the country is called a happier country then we donot want to belong to the title of happiness tanzania is actually better then other developed countries ..

  5. The shortcut is dangerous and the replies seriously ignorant and superficial are common places. Please visit the index to check how it is structured. A country can have many dictators I e the middle class for instance instead of a crazy one….ect…

  6. john moniz | March 22, 2017 at 01:30 |

    Zanzibar and are Arusha are part of Tanzania so this is BULLSHIT

  7. It farmer | March 22, 2017 at 05:06 |

    Long way towards human development, poverty eradication, secured social life, business friendly policies make TZ to increase levels in happiness index.

  8. What a joke? Define Happiness first. Money does not bring happiness.
    I think African Countries are the happiest. We can sleep in peace.

  9. Guys don’t defend your corrupted leaders. The country is smelling with corruption in all ranks of life. The whole goverments is rotten, they are corrupted politically, socially, morally you name it. How can then people be happy. Those who rank are fair

  10. Mfalme wa majini | March 22, 2017 at 15:07 |

    After the invading Zanzibar and changed its name from Tanganyika to Tanzania .The country lost its happiness because most of its policies were of military principles.They deserve unhappiness.

  11. Honestly, I don’t think Tanzania deserves this. The way the new leadership has tackled social issues in the country potends allot of hope. The country cannot be said to be more corrupt than its naigbours

  12. Halima Juma | March 22, 2017 at 18:44 |

    With all the poverty and corruption from top to down with no jobs for the young age and income is minimum and no infrascructure of the country and economy has collapsed completely and basic food is not available or very expensive.
    With all these basic things unavailable the people are bound to be unhappy..Is a simple logic.

  13. As long as CCM remains in power lawfully or unlawfully, by hooks or by crooks, by scoring with a legal football kick or by “goli la mkono”, then you can kiss happiness or prosperity goodbye. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. CCM is like”kidonda ndugu” unless you cure it, it will remain a “sugu” stumbling block of this lovely country.

  14. The question is who conducted the survey etc

    Did they take happiness measures from countries like Nepal which uses such indexes? And did the use a random sample – not an online study – but based on scientific polling rules?
    Only if they use such rules should we delve deeper. However we should avoid all bias and emotions

  15. I totally agree with the survey. There is so much corruption in the country at every point in life. Be it business or social or even driving public is always worried about harassment by officers. It has become a way of life but sure this does not make anyone happy. Furthermore there is insecurity to the extent that you are worried in your own home. The social security and government service is so poor despite of paying taxes. Happy after all this?!!!! No way!! I love this country but can not just disagree with the survey when it’s so factual.

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