Exchanging currencies in Dar

Where can you exchange currencies in Dar? Photo: Daniel Hayduk

One of the common questions we get from visitors to Dar is about money. How and where can I change my [insert currency here] into Tanzanian shillings.

The answer is easy: just head to any of the countless foreign exchange (forex) bureaus in all corners of Dar es Salaam and exchange away!

Most major currencies, ranging from Australian dollars to South African Rand can all be exchanged with ease.

Rates vary slightly depending on what part of town you’re in (generally, rates on the Msasani peninsula tend to be slightly worse than in downtown.)

Even rates at the airport are not that bad!

Rates are better for big bills; for example 50 and 100 USD bills will get a better rate than 5, 10 and 20’s.

It’s also important to note that in the case of USD, only bills newer than 2009 are commonly accepted, due to high levels of fake older notes in circulation.

Do your due diligence and check to make sure you’re getting what you are owed; most reputable foreign exchange bureaus have calculators set out so you can do the math yourself.

Don’t feel pressured into not counting the bills yourself, or asking them to run them through their bill counter again. It’s your money.

Lastly, be street smart. If someone offers to exchange your bills on the street, don’t.

If someone follows you, head somewhere safe.

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