Update: top UN official deported

UNDP country director, Awa Dabo, was recently ordered deported, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Photo: Facebook/UNDP

Update – 20:45: The UNDP confirms their country director has “left the country.”

The brief statement says they “are in contact with the government of Tanzania on the matter and UNDP continues to work closely with the government on all issues.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) country director was deported over ‘poor relations with colleagues and management.’

While the exact circumstances of the alleged deportation of UNDP country director Awa Dabo remain unclear, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs press release says she was slowing down the pace of development in Tanzania.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs asks the UNDP to remind its employees that their priority is to work well with the government,” says the press release.

The press release is dated April 25, but it’s not known exactly when Dabo was ordered to leave the country.

According to the BBC an anonymous UNDP official says Dabo was deported the same day the order was issued.

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  1. commentanzania | April 26, 2017 at 16:55 |

    What a shocking development in light of the current positive atmosphere for development partners and foreigners.

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