‘Inconceivable providence’ brought medics to crash

Several of the volunteer medical professionals with Doreen, one of the three children who survived the Karatu crash. Photo: Facebook

‘Inconceivable providence’ brought a team of volunteer medical professionals and the victims of the Karatu bus crash together.

“We had a nurse, a clinical officer and an athletic trainer … as the third vehicle on scene. Instead of going on safari, they pulled out the grizzly remains of 32 children,” says Steve Meyer of Siouxland Tanzania Educational Medical Ministries (STEMM.)

And their support hasn’t stopped there: Meyer, an orthopaedic surgeon, says the team is now working on bringing the three surviving children to the United States for further medical treatment.

The Mercy Medical Center in Sioux City, Iowa has agreed to support their stay, which is expected to cost up to $250,000 USD (560 million TSH), and surgeons have offered to perform the necessary procedures free of charge.

Families in Sioux City, a midwestern city which has a population of 82,000, have offered to take in the children’s families as long as necessary.

Meyer says the Tanzanian government is rushing passports and necessary documents to facilitate travel for the three children, who remain in critical but stable condition at Mount Meru hospital.

But there is a catch: Meyer says they had hoped the US government officials would assist with the medical evacuation of the children, but that hasn’t happened.

That means paying for a private medical evacuation, which is expected to cost around $250,000 USD (560 million TSH.)

This is where you’ll be able to help: Meyer says a Go Fund Me campaign is being set up and should be active by the weekend.

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