Cycle caravan promotes pedal power

Pedal power: the annual bicycle caravan is this Sunday, July 2. Photo: Facebook/Mejah Mbuya

Do you dream pedaling in peace without the fear of you and your bicycle being pushed off the road?

Mejah Mbuya has the same dream: and that’s why the Dar Cycle Caravan takes place on Sunday, July 2.

“The aim of the Dar Cycle Caravan is to promote use of bicycles in the city of Dar,” says Mbuya, of cyclist awareness group UWABA.

UWABA advocates for better engineering of cycle lanes during road construction, enforcement of road safety laws, education of road users, environmental awareness of the benefits of cycling, and encouraging respect of all road users.

Approximately 800 cyclists are expected to take part in either an 8.5 or 15 km pedal through the city, the largest of its kind in East Africa.

Other road users be aware: expect delays around Mnazi Mmoja, Kariakoo and Ilala on Sunday morning.

Still not convinced? There are free reflectors for all, 100 helmets for the early-birds and even 13 bicycles to be raffled off.

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