A chief who makes abstract art with pebbles

Liloba by abstract sculptor Agxon, 2014. Photo: contributed

Yes, you read the title correctly: Agathon Kakusa, who is chief of the Tumpa community in the Democratic Republic of Congo, is also an abstract sculptor.

Kakusa, who goes by the moniker Agxon, uses pebbles gathered on the shores of Lake Tanganyika to create his abstract art.

His inspirations range from ancient Greek writings to 1970s funk culture and his work reflects his experiences as chief of the Tumpa community, near Moba in Lake Tanganyika.

He wants visitors to question their relation to both the immediate environment and to the wider world.

Agxon’s exhibition, titled ‘Misambwa‘ will be on display at Nafasi Art Space from 17 August.

The exhibition will be open daily from 10am – 5pm.

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