Cancer initiative benefits child cancer patients

handing over proceeds to hospital matron

handing over proceeds to hospital matron

Numerous children in the Dar es Salaam community suffer from severe health issues such as cancer but cannot access the funds to pay for their medical care.

Alqaim Lalani is a rising junior in high school and also a social entrepreneur that has been working to create a social enterprise called the Tumaini la Maisha – Cancer Initiative which solves this problem in a sustainable manner.

Handbags and crafts are made using kitenge fabrics by the children and their parents.

These are purchased by local vendors in the Dar es Salaam community. They are then sold to the wider community by Alqaim for a sizable profit; all proceeds return back to the initiative for the benefit of the children.

This initiative began 2 years ago and has since been able to finance chemotherapy treatment for some children at the Muhimbili Hospital. By December, it is expected that the insurance of nearly 25 children will be covered and a significant towards the eye transplant of one child will be made from the earnings by Alqaim’s sales.

The young student hopes to grow his social enterprise so that it can soon help make chemotherapy and medical care more affordable for all the underprivileged children of East Africa.

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