Update: primary school bomb blast kills 5

At least 5 school children were killed when a bomb exploded at a primary school on Wednesday.

Update: 18:00 – According to reports, the explosive device was a grenade.

A child had brought it to school hoping to later sell it for scrap metal, when it accidentally detonated.

Five children have been killed and dozens injured after a bomb blast occurred at a school in western Tanzania.

According to the local hospital, five children have died and 13 are seriously injured.

The blast reportedly took place inside the Kihinga Primary School compound in Ngara District, Kagera Region.

According to a tweet from a Tanzania-based journalist, a doctor described a scene of ‘fire and burning’ as children fled for their lives.

A report by the Associated Press says police think a child picked up the explosive device, thinking it was scrap metal.

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