Minister: terrorist arrived drunk

Home Affairs Minister  Jihadi John tried to visit Tanzania in 2009, but was deported. Photo: Youtube

Home Affairs Minister Mathias Chikawe contradicts earlier statements about why Jihadi John was deported from Dar in 2009. Photo: Youtube

After a 10 hour drinking session aboard a KLM flight, IS terrorist Jihadi John and two friends arrived drunk in Dar, says Home Affairs Minister Mathias Chikawe.

Contradicting earlier claims by Tanzanian police and the Washington Post, Chikawe says it was the pilot of the KLM flight who warned immigration staff about the incoming trio.

“They were refused entry because they disembarked from the plane very drunk,” says Chikawe, “they failed to explain why they had come to Tanzania.”

Speaking to The Times (UK), Chikawe says after insulting immigration staff, the trio spent the night in police cells before being put back on the next flight to Amsterdam.

Jihadi John, now identified as Mohammed Emwazi, was traveling with two companions, Ali Aldorus (now imprisoned in Ethiopia on terrorism charges) and Marcel Schrodl, a German national, in May 2009.

Initial reports by the Washington Post said that airport officials had been tipped off about Emwazi by British intelligence agents from MI5.

Inspector General of Police Ernest Mangu then told media that police have no record of Emwazi being detained or deported and suggested he may have been using an alias.

While Emwazi claims he was to go on safari, it is believed he was attempting to reach Somalia to train with Al Shabaab.


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