Former PM: education trumps agriculture

Edward Lowassa. Photo: Facebook

“If we want to save our nation, we need to invest in education,” says Edward Lowassa. Photo: Facebook

Former prime minister and presidential hopeful Edward Lowassa says education is more important than agriculture.

An an adequate investment in education would change Tanzania, Lowassa told media editors in Dodoma on Sunday.

” You need a nation with educated people to make economic transformation,” says Lowassa.

Lowassa says he’s opposed to Tanzania’s program to transform and develop agriculture, which is dubbed Kilimo Kwanza — agriculture first.

“I don’t agree with the program at all and fellow members in the party know this.”

“If we want to save our nation, we need to invest in education.”

In 2008, Lowassa was forced to resign following a scandal on an emergency power generation project.

However, yesterday Lowassa denied any wrongdoing and says he was wrongly implicated.

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