Watch out for malaria

An Aedes Aegypti mosquito, which can carry dengue. Photo:Muhammad Karim

Watch out for malaria and travel with a test kit, the IST clinic warns. Photo: Muhammad Karim

As rainy season draws to a close keep an eye out for malaria.

“Malaria cases have been on the increase the last few weeks after the heavy rain,” says the IST clinic.

“Especially if you are not on malaria prophylaxis, it is recommended to travel with a self test kit and a course of antimalarial medication,” says a release issued by the clinic.

In May, 27 new cases were diagnosed at IST clinic, with 16 of those occurring since May 22.

“Luckily, no cases of dengue have been detected so far in the last months.”

Anyone with high fevers above 39º Celsius,  headaches, shivering and muscle pain who has been in Tanzania longer than 10 days, should be tested for malaria in a reliable laboratory.

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