Gallery: disbelief as Askari monument painted

Painted black: the bronze Askari monument on Wednesday, December 9. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

Painted black: the historical bronze Askari monument after it was painted on Wednesday, December 9.  Photo: Daniel Hayduk

The historical Askari Monument has apparently become an unwilling participant in the Independence Day cleanup campaign.

The pedestal, plaques and bronze statue have all been covered in paint.

Simon Odunga, leader of the conservation unit at the Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources, expressed disbelief when contacted by Dar Post Wednesday evening.

“It must not be approved, we couldn’t approve that,” says Odunga, noting he would follow up on the matter first thing Thursday morning (December 10.)

A photo circulating on social media shows at least four men involved in painting the monument, which has stood in a roundabout at Samora Avenue and Maktaba Street since 1927.

The monument is a tribute to the Tanzanian ‘Askari’ troops who fought along side colonial powers in World War 1.

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