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Volunteers clean up Coco Beach on Saturday, September 19. Photo: contributed

Volunteers clean up Coco Beach at an event earlier this year. This year’s Independence Day will be marked by a day of cleaning and not traditional celebrations. Photo: contributed

Next Wednesday (December 9) will be an Independence Day unlike any other as a presidentially decreed cleanup campaign replaces the 54th Independence Day celebrations.

President John Magufuli says it is a shame that Tanzania is still struggling with basic hygiene related diseases like Cholera so long after independence.

Using the ‘Magufulified’ slogan #HapaUsafiTu (here to clean), groups are already busy rallying the troops.

“[We are] inviting all individuals to get out there and clean there neighbourhoods or join one of the organized cleanups,” says Tania Hamilton, of public advocacy group Nipe Fagio.

“Get out, have some fun and meet your neighbours,” says Hamilton, also encouraging people to share their cleanups on social media.

Cleanup events have been planned for Coco Beach and Msasani Beach, however times are yet to be confirmed.

Nipe Fagio says people wanting to arrange a cleanup in their neighbourhood can download and share the below files.

“See you in the ‘hood.”

Cleanup invitation – English

Cleanup invitation – Swahili

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